Wednesday, September 7, 2011

High Waisted Short Shorts

For the fall, I'm falling in love with short-shorts. High waisted ones. With tights for the colder weather.

They have to be tight, and kinda look like you accidentally forgot to put on pants... but if you own it and rock it, then its a fantastic look.

Louis Vuitton did it for fall 2011, with a giant furry purple jacket:

And Chanel did it for spring 2012:

Not only the models were wearing short shorts at the Chanel show:

With a jacket (and tights for the cold!), this is a way to sneak your summer favourites into your fall wardrobe.

Call them short-shorts, disco shorts, or hot pants; they are a hot look for now and the upcoming seasons. 

Polka dots give it a classic pin-up look, and are trendy for fall.

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