Saturday, September 17, 2011

Seeing Stars!

I was in love with all things starry when I was a teenager. I was delighted by the Fall 2011 Dolce & Gabbana runway show:

Dolce & Gabbana
And I'm not the only one obsessed with the star trend. All the magazines have it on their covers, or in editorial spreads:

Harper's Bazaar Dolce & Gabbana
All the celebrities are wearing it:

Jessica Alba and Olivia Wilde
Dolce & Gabbana covered everything in stars, dresses, jackets, pants, shoes and purses.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana
If you can't afford to have everything be Dolce & Gabbana, here are a few things that follow this trend.

Wildfox Couture
Starred sweaters are great for fall.


Scarves are another must have for fall.


This one looks like it's right off the runway:


Maxi dresses with sleeves is a great update to the summer trend for fall.


Star printed rompers (or playsuits as they are also called to confuse people looking for jumpsuits).


Stars can be dressy, or casual depending on how you wear them.

Jane Norman

They look good on a bright coloured background, as well as in black and white.
Different textures (sequins, shiny print) bring the stars to life and are very attention grabbing.

Star covered pants are great for fall as well.

This is an adorable dress from ASOS:


And the starry accessories! I finally get to wear my old star earrings again!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

High Waisted Short Shorts

For the fall, I'm falling in love with short-shorts. High waisted ones. With tights for the colder weather.

They have to be tight, and kinda look like you accidentally forgot to put on pants... but if you own it and rock it, then its a fantastic look.

Louis Vuitton did it for fall 2011, with a giant furry purple jacket:

And Chanel did it for spring 2012:

Not only the models were wearing short shorts at the Chanel show:

With a jacket (and tights for the cold!), this is a way to sneak your summer favourites into your fall wardrobe.

Call them short-shorts, disco shorts, or hot pants; they are a hot look for now and the upcoming seasons. 

Polka dots give it a classic pin-up look, and are trendy for fall.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I like big bows!!

I was browsing pinterest and I came across this lovely image:

Which reminded me how much I love big bows. I like them in the hair:

And I like them on my clothes. They make a great accessory, I have a couple made in different colors that I can add bobby pins to put them in my hair or safety pin them to my clothes.

They are really big in the asian fashion market, which is spilling over here. Well they are CUTE.

There were some bows in the SS2011 shows:

Blonds SS2011

As well as in FW2011, where we have this coat with the bow... 

Azzaro FW2011 the cutest spot! I just love this outfit! Here is another coat you can buy with a more traditionally placed large bow.


Bows also appeal to men, because they make you look like a huge present to be unwrapped. Sexy!!

Kelly Ewing

Here are a few more dresses with large bows:


Its even better when they are a different colour, it gives it an obi look from the back.

ASOS Paprika

A contrasting bow can liven up any LBD. This one comes attached, but you can easily make your own

Isaac Mizrahi

This Juicy dress has a well placed bow on the back.
Juicy Couture

And of course, bows on the ankle... super cute and sexy. Even with the nude colour. 
Giuseppe Zanotti

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hats - Trilby vs. Fedora

Hats are really awesome, especially in this weather. They offer protection from the sun and they look good.... what more can you want?


Dsquared2 used hats (and awesome glasses) in their SS11 show, different variations on the ever popular Trilby hat.

This is a trilby hat:
Reiss - Fabio

It is not a fedora. This is a fedora:

Rag & Bone - Flynn

You can tell them apart by the fact that the fedora has a straight brim, while the trilby has a shorter brim that curls up at the back. A lot of people confuse the two. But now you know.

This is a super flirty summer trilby hat, with the large black flower and the light straw material.

Reiss - Edmund

A flowered trilby is totally on trend, very fun.

Oasis - Ditsy

This roped trilby is great for the beach.

Eugenia - Kim

I'm in love with this sheer lace fedora.


Play with the colours, textures, and the bands to create a totally unique look.

Nordstrom - Degrade
This is a more dressy and glam look for going out.

Eugenia - Kim
But hats aren't only for the summer. These looks work great in the fall.

Paul Smith
I love the colours on these trilby hats.

Diesel - FE service

The bow and feathers are so cute on this greige trilby.

Helene Berman

A black fedora invokes the mysterious look of an old school P.I.

Burberry - Reese

If you decide to go with a fedora, or a trilby, make sure it fits properly (my head is way too small for most hats... which makes me want them more!) and wear it at the right level on your face (not tooo far back, forward, or to the side).