Saturday, July 9, 2011

Double Rings

Why wear a bunch of rings, when you can wear one double ring?

Untamed Menagerie

Or even a tripple ring!

Tallulah Tu
Big and bold rings make a huge fashion statement, and they are so very in right now.


I just got this rose double ring in bronze.

So pretty and feminine.

Jessica Elliot

Or if you want to show your inner bad-girl, this studded knuckle ring is for you.

Adia Kibur

Stars are a huge trend right now (Dolce & Gabbana!)

Tallulah Tu

The bigger, the better!


Animal rings (owls, snakes, whatever you like) are very hip.

Erica Anenberg

Love this steampunk angel wing.

Robinhood Couture

Or you can stick with the minimalist route.

Dominic Jones

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