Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turtleneck sweaters.

Another staple in a cold winter. For example this lovely grey rib knit cashmere Vince sweater:


Its stylish, warm and sexy. I have a wool knit light purple one, scratchy but warm.

Here's another by Hayden, I love the color:


And have I mentioned how fantastic cashmere is? Its the softest material, very warm at its thinnest and extremely warm thick.

Now this post is about turtlenecks, but I have found recently that the definition of turtleneck is very loose right now. From the tight, folded over neck featured in the 2 photos above, to the floppy, loose, zippered, short, anything that goes above the neck comes up in searches.
Here is another Hayden chunky knit cashmere sweater:


Not exactly a turtleneck, but still pretty, and still functional.

My boyfriend wanted a turtleneck for christmas. He actually wanted one last year, but I couldn't find a single one (perhaps because I was shopping while on vacation in Florida... hmmm...). I had similar difficulties finding one here in Ottawa too (and this city is cold, we need it!!!) I went to all the mens stores in 3 malls: nothing. What made it even more difficult was that I needed a slimfit AND tall size. The only thing that came close was a mock neck, which seems to be very popular this year. Like the one below:


Looks nothing like a turtleneck, right? And its not just plain mock necks, every one i came across was zippered. Very sporty, but too casual. Not what I was looking for.

I found some really nice designer ones online, like this Prada wool turtleneck:


I love it, but green is not his color. Also it's wool, not as nice as cashmere:


This one is very sexy, classic and so very nice to snuggle up against.

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