Thursday, December 9, 2010

Russian Hats

Ever since I saw Angelina Jolie in SALT, I have been in love with big Russian hats.

She just looks really glamorous and more importantly, warm. Its the thick, flat band of fur around the head, with a flat top, that looks really nice. Almost like a headband with a top. On that note, headbands work too (but they just don't seem as warm):


These are not to be confused with trooper hats, or aviator hats, which some people associate with "Russian hat", but thats not what I'm talking about. Although done right, with the ears folded up, big furry trooper hats can look just as good:


Personally, I'm a fur lover. Nothing quite feels as lovely as a rabbit fur stole (I'm an animal lover, don't worry. Ethics discussions are for another blog) 
But for all you fur haters out there, you can find the fake versions as well (in fact Angelina Jolie is wearing Synchilla in the top picture).
This faux fur hat can be found at:

But much like a Prada handbag, the real thing is better in quality, look and feel.

Surprisingly, when I asked my aunt in Russia to find me a fur hat for christmas, she said that they don't have them there (in Moscow). Instead they have furry berets. Weird, but it could be the next big thing. See a year from now. 

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