Saturday, April 16, 2011

Japanese 3D Nail Art

3D Nail Art is basically gluing pretty things to your nails, or onto a set of fake nails.

Japanese 3D nail art is becoming very popular here, with various celebrities adopting the fashion. Here is Rihanna's subtle version of the trend.


Ke$ha played up the trend in her We R Who We R video, with two different sets of nails.


Ke$ha's second nail look, and cool full finger rings:


And a close-up of the nail art:


For a more subtle looks (with an instruction blog), you can glue lace to your nails. Gorgeous.


What better way to create a feathered nail polish look than to glue a feather on?


You can glue all sorts of things to your nails. Here is a Lady Gaga inspired pearl look.

Lady Gaga

And a white pearl and lace nail set. Sooooo pretty.

For a more edgy look, try chains.

Or using studs, like Ke$ha.

You can do all of your nails the same, or something different on each one.

Diamonds, for a glam look.

It looks neat with the regular pattern and size. Or you can go the exact opposite.

The look is nice, by the nails are too talon-like for my taste. Fake nails can look tacky really easily, but as long as you stay relatively short (less than 3/4 inch) and rounded or squared (not pointed) then you can go crazy with the stuff you glue on ;).

If you are creative, then this is really easy to DIY. Or you can buy a pre-made set. Just google Japanese 3D nail art for hundreds of fun options like this.

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  1. hi is the white lace nail art false nails that you stick on or acrylic nails that you do as you go as i love them and want them for my wedding day pease help