Thursday, March 31, 2011

Half Scoop Gloves

Lady Gaga, SATC, made the half scoop short gloves famous, and they are everywhere now.

Lady Gaga

They are featured in the new Cataracs/Dev video:

Cataracs Top of the World video

They've been around for a while, like these Louis Vuitton pink leather gloves, but they are getting really big.

Louis Vuitton

As awesomely impractical they are, they're a real statement piece.

Nina Peter

Plain or embellished, they stand out. They also come in a large variety of colours.

Dragonfly Gloves

You can even forgo the thumb entirely, and have only finger gloves.

Ines Gloves
Studded things are very in:

Patricia Field

Neat shiny hand-less gloves:

Nancy Peng

They're like the opposite of fingerless gloves (which are also cool, and slightly more practical).

Ines Gloves

Ines gloves makes a lot of different styles of half-scoop gloves.

Ines Gloves

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  1. Au contraire, I believe fingerless gloves to be impractical. When I wear them my fingers get cold and they are a pain to take off and put on what with my jacket sleeves already covering my wrists and most of my hands. I thought of finger gloves and decided to look them up. Solution to my problem!